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Since 1979 Century Auto Electric has been a rebuilder of starters and alternators. We have more experience than anyone in the Brantford area.

Since 2000 we now have a full line of NEW complete alternators and starters. We still rebuild and repair because of price, availability and sometimes the unit can't be reliably identified.

Commercial equipment such as trucks, construction equipment and forklifts sometimes have special needs that require environment-proofing or upgrades of higher-performance components, which we can spec-out and do.

Of course we also rebuild for the antique and classic cars.

We know and understand the wiring to the alternator, starter, generator and voltage regulator, should a customer have problems we can help.

Because of our experience we are much more than just a starter alternator sales store.

Generally speaking we attempt to keep our pricing at or below the local market.

If a customer finds a lower price on a comparable unit simply tell us and we will do our best to match or better our price.

We do not have garage facilities to remove and install a starter or alternator; we usually direct the customer to a local Brantford mechanic.

Fuel Additives

Century Auto Electric now carries a fuel additive that is simply a great product and it really truly works & people need to know about it.

I liked it so much, I became a distributor!

Here is my brief story.

In 2009 I was at a trade show where I met John S. who introduced himself as the former petroleum blender of the aviation division of a particular global size oil company.

He had since left and started his own company in Ontario, blending high-performance additives for the various racing sports.

He now blends for all applications, diesel trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles, etc. gasoline vehicles generally get about 12-20% improved fuel economy and diesel about 7-10% improvement.

One product to clean injectors, carburetor and combustion chamber etc.

Another product used regularly to improve fuel economy and enhance performance by causing a more complete burn of the fuel.

For further information and an explanation of the difference between the terms Improved Performance and Improved Fuel Mileage go to http://petrosaverstore.com/

1147 Colborne St. East. Brantford Ontario. 519.756.3595

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